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While buying a home in Vancouver, homebuyers can make a choice between condos and single family homes. The difference between buying these homes is that condos offer individual ownership that includes owning only the living space within, while single family homes provide ownership of the home and the land on which the home is built.

Condo living is booming with constructions throughout the Vancouver Real Estate. It has become an attractive option. These developments being located in proximity with easy-to-access transit hubs, amenities, recreation areas and shopping centres. However, condos in Vancouver may also have community amenities like a pool, childcare centre, fitness centre, drugstore or grocery store that allows people to socialize, which may

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Living in Vancouver Real Estate is not just pleasant, but a treat. The land is surrounded with water on three sides and provides an amazing mountainous backdrop, as well. It is considered the most liveable city in the world because of its scenic location, lifestyle and cost of living for a luxurious life. It has beautiful coastline views and beaches. There are mountain trails for hiking as well as snow sports are organized in winter. Though the city has a diverse metropolitan area, nature is always in proximity for its inhabitants. Whether it is downtown or the suburbs, buying a home in Vancouver will never leave you disappointed.

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The famous Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver is one of North America's largest urban parks. It has a surface area of

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The Brentwood Mall in Burnaby is set to add 10 towers more to its 60-storeys on the 28-acre site. The Burnaby City Council gave the go-ahead for this master plan in September 2013. However, the project requires a rezoning application for each part of it. The mall site will be changed to a compact, lively, and dynamic urban walkable neighbourhood and entertainment area. The city's vision of building a town centre circling Brentwood Town Centre Station, similar to mega-sized mall built around Metrotown Station, will hit reality with this project. Transit-oriented policies have been used by Burnaby, which will make full use of the SkyTrain routes in the city for sustainable job growth and population.

Shape Properties is the developer and mall owner of the

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Vancouver condos have become a sought after housing option. Small but luxurious, condos can be a solution for individual owners and small families. If you are seeking Vancouver condos for sale, Mazeon is your one-stop solution. Here, you will get complete assistance for your home search. Moreover, while you reside in Vancouver, nature is not the only aspect to cherish. You can attend exciting events in the neighbourhood. There are several events conducted throughout the year that will keep you occupied. You can attend a show, musical concert, sports bar or painting exhibition.

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The event that is causing a buzz in the city is the Majid Sheikh Akbari & Alfonso Tejada Exhibition. It is an exhibition that features the works of two artists. The

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Vancouver is one of the hottest real estate markets in the world. With year long festivities to the beautiful coast line, it is no wonder why this is such a sought after market to buy real estate. With countless activities to do on a daily basis it’s hard to imagine running out of things to do. You will forget your worries while absorbing the enthusiasm and cheer of this coastal seaport city. There are beautiful and spacious homes that Mazeon offers in the Vancouver Real Estate market. From dance shows and painting and art exhibitions to book clubs, there is always something to do no matter which walk of life you come from.

There is an upcoming book event named The Stuff of Life: A Non-Fiction Book Club, which is held on April 17, 2014 at the

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Vancouver is experiencing a surge of condo construction. So, why not invest in it? It is an amazing way to downsize into a smaller home. The demand for condos is increasing by the day. Therefore, Mazeon helps in finding the best and most suitable Vancouver condos for sale. Condos are preferred more instead of other houses, as less maintenance is required.

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Wondering why you should invest in a condo and not any other house? Well, below are some reasons for you to happily invest in a condo.

  1. The value of condos is consistently more in rate as compared to the inflation rate. Thus, it is a safer option to invest.
  2. The more you delay the selling of a condo, the more your return on the investment will be. Therefore, condos are great for long term
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Vancouver is a beautiful city not only for its friendly atmosphere, but also for its surroundings. It is a coastal seaport city with a stunning rainforest area and water on three sides. Who would not want to live in such a place! Mazeon is every ready to help homebuyers find a home in the Vancouver Real Estate and enjoy the perks of attending various events lined up throughout the year. You will barely find time to sit idle, when there are several events being organized in this area.

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One of the inspiring events is “Essence” painting exhibit which commenced on April 2, 2014 and will close on April 30, 2014. Lori Popadiuk, a visual artist and interior designer, is chosen to exhibit her artwork this Saturday, on April 12, 2014, from 10 am to 4.30 pm.

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There are many events conducted in Vancouver. The residents of this city enjoy to the fullest when it comes to attending such enthusiastic events. So, why travel all the way to Vancouver when you can buy a home and attend such events? There are several Vancouver condos for sale at Mazeon that you can conveniently find through its easy-to-use home search engine.

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The event of Flap & Whirl will commence on April 11, 2014 at 8pm. It will be held at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre this Friday. You can unwind this weekend with this lively contemporary dance production. The dance show includes new choreography performances by dancers of Dezza Dance, namely Desirée Dunbar, Heather Lamoureaux, Felicia Lau, Alisha Lemire, Carly Penner, Anotonio Somera and

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Is your city known for events? When was the last time you heard of a lively event in the city? You need some event to relieve your day-to-day stress. So, why not move to a city that will never leave you idle? Vancouver is well known for it's year long festivities that will keep you with something to do every month. You can buy a beautiful home by the sea in this coastal seaport city. Vancouver real estate is overwhelming with endless opportunities with the high volumes of new listings. Discover new listings by contacting a Mazeon representative to help you on your search!

You can begin your weekend with a party and dance to a different tune for a noble cause. Support the cause of conquering cancer by spending the best time of your life at a party. Get

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Living in Vancouver is an incredible opportunity. It has natural beauty that cannot be missed. You will love to live in this city, which has a backdrop that sets it apart from other cities in Canada. This beautiful metropolis is filled with amazing dining options and a flourishing local art scene. You can easily explore the urban side of the city on foot. So, if you want to live in this part of Canada, check out the Vancouver condos for sale on Mazeon.

Mazeon has incredible choices for you to select from when looking for your next home. If you are specifically looking for Vancouver condos for sale, this portal has the best listings. Moreover, if you have certain criteria, you can let the experts know by filling out the registration form on Mazeon.

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