Vancouver Condos for Sale – Benefits of Investing in a Condo

Posted by Bayan Knight on Monday, April 14th, 2014 at 3:51am.

Vancouver is experiencing a surge of condo construction. So, why not invest in it? It is an amazing way to downsize into a smaller home. The demand for condos is increasing by the day. Therefore, Mazeon helps in finding the best and most suitable Vancouver condos for sale. Condos are preferred more instead of other houses, as less maintenance is required.

vancouver condos for sale

Wondering why you should invest in a condo and not any other house? Well, below are some reasons for you to happily invest in a condo.

  1. The value of condos is consistently more in rate as compared to the inflation rate. Thus, it is a safer option to invest.
  2. The more you delay the selling of a condo, the more your return on the investment will be. Therefore, condos are great for long term investments.
  3. It is easier to find a buyer for a condo, as vacant condos sell like hot cakes.
  4. Investing in a condo is convenient as the condominium corporations handle the maintenance and management issues.
  5. The provincial condominium law protects individual condominium owners with set regulations like pet restriction to avoid damage within the condo, thus, making this investment a safe option.
  6. There are houses more expensive than condos even though the condos are of the same size. Therefore, condos are preferred as cost-efficient investments.
  7. Some houses may not offer 2 bedrooms, but condos have options of 1-2 bedrooms or no bedrooms making it worthwhile for individual buyers.
  8. There are Vancouver condos for sale that offer convenient lifestyle and luxury amenities like proximity of shopping centers and transportation. Thus, investing in a condo is the right choice due to its growing demand and value.

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