Why Should You Choose Condo Living Over A Single Family Home In Vancouver?

Posted by Bayan Knight on Monday, April 21st, 2014 at 4:24am.

While buying a home in Vancouver, homebuyers can make a choice between condos and single family homes. The difference between buying these homes is that condos offer individual ownership that includes owning only the living space within, while single family homes provide ownership of the home and the land on which the home is built.

Condo living is booming with constructions throughout the Vancouver Real Estate. It has become an attractive option. These developments being located in proximity with easy-to-access transit hubs, amenities, recreation areas and shopping centres. However, condos in Vancouver may also have community amenities like a pool, childcare centre, fitness centre, drugstore or grocery store that allows people to socialize, which may not be the case with houses. Moreover, the view from elevated condos is beautiful like the ones near Stanley Park and North Shore Mountains. Some condo living establishments include underground car and bike parking, and car wash and charging station. These homes need limited maintenance required in the interiors as mowing the lawn would not be required. Association fees cover only exteriors and other components of the structure. Building managers or concierge services provide security.

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On the other hand, single family homes may not excel the convenience and luxury of condos. However, these homes have certain benefits. These properties give complete control to the homeowner to remodel or modify the home without anyone else’s consent. For people who love indoor, as well as outdoor spaces, these homes are ideal, as a larger family with children and pets can be accommodated. There are also more storage options like closets, attic, basement and maybe garage. These housing establishments offer more privacy, unlike condos that have neighbours in close proximity.

However, when the drawbacks are considered, owning condos gives a run for money. Though single family homes seem beneficial, Condo living has become more dynamic and innovative in structure designs. Single family homes require maintenance of not only the house, but also the yard and trees. Therefore, it becomes expensive to buy such homes that include costs of maintenance tools and equipment. Though the resale value may increase through maintenance, there is constant investment of time and money that is required. Moreover, unlike condos, the utility bills of houses are higher considering the larger space.

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